The Women and Youth Export Facility (WAYEF) is designed to support Women and Youth in the non-oil exports value-chain.

The intention of the WAYEF is to stimulate and increase deliberate funding to Women and Youth (between the ages of 18 to 35 years) towards broadening Nigeria’s export basket and facilitating regional industrialization for value added exports.

Objectives of the Facility

The objectives of the Facility are to:
  • To stimulate and increase deliberate funding to indigenous Women and Youths, towards broadening Nigeria’s export basket and facilitating regional industrialization for value added exports.
  • To improve access of Women and Youths to concessionary finance in a bid to expand and diversify the non-oil export baskets.
  • To support Women and Youths towards upscaling and expanding export operational capacities.
  • To diversify and increase the contribution of non-oil export revenue and value-added exports for sustainable economic development.

Eligibility Criteria
Eligible Borrowers/Beneficiaries
  • Duly registered/incorporated Export Oriented Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria with Women or Youth as Promoters. .
  • Structured Organizations with the mandate to empower Women or Youths along the export value chain.
  • Registered export-oriented Co-operative societies, Associations, Clusters for Women or Youths.

Eligible projects/Transactions
  • Projects or Transactions in the non-oil export sectors that impact Women and Youth employment.
  • Projects with deliberate focus on Women and Youth empowerment programs in the export value chain.
  • Transactions connected with export of goods wholly or partly processed/ manufactured in Nigeria.

Features of WAYEF

1. Submission of application forms and other required documents to NEXIM
2. NEXIM appraises the application .
3. NEXIM disburses the Facility upon fulfilment of all conditions precedent to draw down.

Tenor of WAYEF shall be in line with Working Capital and Project Financing requirements (maximum of 2 years and 5 years respectively), subject to review by NEXIM

WAYEF will be granted at single digit interest rates all inclusive (maximum interest rate of 9% per annum)
Non-refundable Application Fees of N20,000.00

  • Application letter, completed NEXIM Bank Application Form, Know-Your-Customer Form and Signature Mandate Cards
  • Board Resolution to borrow
  • Relevant incorporation/registration documents
  • Valid Export Contracts/Local Purchase Orders
  • Proforma Invoice(s) from a reputable supplier(s)
  • Audited Account Statements and most recent Management Account Statement
  • Cashflow projections and assumptions used in arriving at the projections Evidence of previous export performance (if any)
  • Valid Tax Clearance Certificate ​
  • Profile of the Company’s Directors and Management Staff ​
  • Valid means of identification of Company Directors
  • Certificate of registration with Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) Licenses/Permits from relevant agencies (where applicable) ​
  • Any other document that may be required by NEXIM

  • All Assets Debenture
  • Legal Mortgage
  • Equitable Mortgage
  • Irrevocable Bank Guarantee
  • Insurance Bond
  • Collateral Warehouse Management
  • Corporate Guarantee
  • Personal Guarantee
  • Moveable Assets